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Ecofast is a contemporary modular construction system, inspire by the traditional timber post and beam construction used successfully through generations.

Designed to use either LVL (Laminated Venire Lumber) or Glulam For the primary frame, The Ecofast system provides a fast, simple, cost effective & sustainable solution for either, ground floor foundation platforms, as well as whole house & multi unit, full portal options.

Achieving clear spans of anything up to, and including 6 meters in length, whilst utilizing the same simple ‘patented’ bi-directional connection system, the Ecofast modular frame addresses and resolves many of the key difficulties encountered in timber frame construction.

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Speed and ease of construction
Self locating and supporting during construction
Simple bolt together connections
Simple roof beam connections for portals
Fully engineered to take all directional and lateral loads
Simple pile foundations with minimal concrete and setting out time
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“If someone was hoping to invent something to resolve the worlds Co2 problems, something that is self generating. That takes Co2 out of the atmosphere, and that we can continually use to build things with, then you would hope that inventor would have thought of the tree.”

Engineered Timber products maximize the efficiency’s of timber, and combine strength with versatility, and weight saving.

The Ecofast modular frame system maximizes all the key sustainable benefits of using EWP, minimizing the use of harmful construction materials, and by touching the earth lightly, the Ecofast system reduces construction waste dramatically.

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